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Roots Community Services Inc. provides culturally-relevant programs and services to inspire and empower individuals, primarily from the Black, African and Caribbean communities, to make positive changes in their lives and within their communities.


To lead in the transformation that would ensure equity, equality and inclusion for Black and Caribbean communities in Canada.


ACCOUNTABILITY – Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for our actions, attitudes, decisions and behaviour. This is applied to individual accountability on the part of directors, employees and volunteers, and accountability of the organization as a whole.
COLLABORATION – Willingness to work together with partners and community to achieve better outcomes. We believe that through collaboration emerges a richness of thoughts, ideas and varied perspectives that cannot be acquired through a siloed approach.
COMMUNITY-FOCUSED – Understanding and addressing the needs of the communities we serve, ensuring that members have a voice in the services they receive and how they receive them.
COMPASSION – Having a genuine desire to help others who are in need or distress, especially those who are marginalized, and providing a helping hand to lift them to a position of strength.
EQUITY – Believing that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and justly and be given the opportunity to achieve even if it means that they require more support and resources than others to correct the imbalances or remove barriers they face.
INCLUSIVITY – Creating and fostering a welcoming environment that embraces all that a person has to give, respecting everyone by allowing them to bring their whole, authentic selves to any space or function.
INTEGRITY – Acting with honesty and honour based on sound ethical practices, always striving to be truthful.
TRUST – Building trust with each other and the communities we serve, committing to authentic relationships and honest communication.

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We cannot do it alone and so rely on you – our funders, donors, volunteers – to help us build a strong community that holds a brighter future for our children and youth, a peaceful place for our seniors, and a safe and clean environment for everyone. There are a few ways you can help to make a difference. Which one will you choose?

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