COVID- Protect Yourself! Stay Safe!

Staying healthy as Ontario reopens

Are you COVID-fatigued? We totally understand. Therefore, we are pleased to hear that the COVID-19 hospitalization rates have peaked and are on the decline. We are looking forward to the relaxing and subsequent elimination of the restrictions that kept us relatively isolated for two years.

However, we have to remain vigilant as the virus is still in our midst. The scientists have told us that the best way to protect ourselves is to be vaccinated and follow public health protocols. We know, though, that there are many people who are not or cannot be vaccinated and we need to think of them as we reopen and move about more freely.

The Black, African and Caribbean communities have been negatively affected by the pandemic, more than many other groups and we want to ensure that we are not left behind during the recovery phase.

Your health is important to us and we are here to help you find ways to stay healthy as Ontario reopens. We encourage you to take supplements as appropriate, exercise, catch up on your check ups with your family doctor, meet with family and friends cautiously as you gradually resume many of the activities you participated in pre-COVID.

Please visit this page regularly for updates on our plans to help you stay safe during recovery and for information on the supports we offer to our communities.


Helpful Videos

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